At Brights, we understand that each commercial property has its own unique requirements and budget. We want to provide a customized quote that is specifically tailored to you. This means we personally come out to your business to meet you and quote your property.

We also offer special discounted rates to businesses that require higher frequency cleanings (weekly, monthly) or that have multiple properties that require servicing. Please contact us to inquire.

One of the first questions people ask when thinking about window cleaning is: How much will it cost? While each home is unique with different costs, we have provided you with general prices to give you a rough idea how much your windows might cost to clean. Please contact us for a customized quote.

Medium Home
One or two storey (1400-1800 sq.ft)
Exterior only - Starting at.......$150.00
Interior only - Starting at........$150.00


Large Home
Two storey or Walkout (2000 sq.ft +)
Exterior only - Starting at.......$195.00
Interior only - Starting at........$195.00

* Bundle interior/exterior together and receive 20% off your interior price!

Small Home
One storey (800-1300 sq.ft)
Exterior only - Starting at.......$95.00
Interior only - Starting at........$95.00

​​Window Cleaning